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About Counselling. deep sea diving

How does counselling help?

I often make sense of the counselling journey by using a deep sea diving expedition as a way of describing the journey. Here we are, you the client, me the counsellor, bobbing along on the surface of the sea. You've asked me to come and explore things with you, you are the leader, the expert in your world, and I wait until you say that you are ready to go deep sea diving.
We go underwater, and you lead the way, turning stones over that you want me to see, skimming past others that you might not want to show me yet. I ask questions about the stones you turn over, and you tell me what you want to, sometimes staying together for a while just exploring one stone, and other times, swimming with you whilst you overturn lots of stones and my job is to keep up with you and make sure I understand fully. The stones are like the stories of your life, the stories that make up who you are. Each week, I get to know and understand you more and more. Every now and then we will come up to the surface and rest. We talk about what we've both seen, and try and make sense of it all together. Sometimes we have to go digging again for more clues, but you always reveal what you want to when you are ready. You're always in control. Near the end of our journey, we sit together, drying off, and look at whether any of your life stories have kind of got in the way. Do some stones need to be re-polished, to see the real colour, or do other stones just need to be thrown away, having weighed you down? We look at the sharks, and who were the fish..and so it goes on until you don't need me to deep sea dive with you, you've done all you needed to do, at your pace and on your arms, and we end our journey when the time is just right for you.

Counselling IS your journey, it is not something that happens to you, but something that we both commit to doing our utmost to make your world a more enjoyable place.

I am an integrative counsellor - this means that I integrate different counselling theories to really suit your own individual needs. So for example, if you are suffering from anxiety, I may feel it is worth looking back at your past to see where the anxiety might have started, as well as noticing how you see your life right now. Then lastly, but importantly, when we have looked at the past and the present, we look together at what you might like to change about the way you think, that will enable you to live with a more positive outlook on the future - this part is based on cognitive behavioural therapy, looking at current thoughts, feelings and actions.

if you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious in a way that is making life difficult to deal with, and want to arrange or discuss counselling with me, then please phone or e-mail me, - just click the link here contact me. Once I have received your e-mail, I will follow up by offering you a free ten minute phone conversation to discuss your needs for counselling and for you to have a chance to find out more about me before making your decision. I offer daytime and evening appointments and am often able to offer a first session within a few days of our first contact. For fees please use the link here fees.

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