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Why does counselling help?

People come to counselling usually when their emotions feel so out of kilt, that they know they need to talk to someone. Often this is expressed as feeling "All over the place" or "I can't carry on being this way anymore". It can be when you are at that point when you know something has to change. Talking these issues through with someone whose sole job role is to be able to listen intently and make sense of all the different issues that have built up, can have an extremely powerful effect. Sometimes only a few sessions are needed before everything feels clearer. But sometimes more long term sessions are needed.

Counselling is a safe allocated space in your week where you can reflect on your emotions and feelings. Within this space we work together to discover patterns of thoughts and emotions that may be causing you pain or affecting how you deal with relationships with others. As we reach an understanding , we look together at new ways that would be helpful to bring about a positive change so that you feel more equipped to deal with the issues that are really affecting your daily life.

My counselling practice is in Crunden Rd South Croydon. There is easy transport access with the two train stations :- Sanderstead Station and South Croydon station, within ten minutes walking distance. Regular buses serve the area, with a five minute walk to my practice. The bus routes are Numbers 60; 166; 312; 407; 466. Alternatively, if travelling by car, there is off road parking available at the practice.

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