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Counselling in Croydon

My work as a counsellor in Croydon is all about enabling you to set yourself free from the anxiety and depression you are feeling by looking at the thoughts; feelings and beliefs about yourself that are keeping you stuck and unhappy. Our work together can be short term, where we specifically focus on one particular issue you are experiencing, or long-term where we explore more deeper embedded beliefs about yourself, that are holding you back and maybe causing depression anxiety and fear around life.

I'm a bacp qualified and accredited counselling therapist located in South Croydon, within easy reach of Sanderstead, Purley and Sutton. I have over ten years of experience as a counsellor helping distressed clients find calm in their lives. I offer 50 minute counselling sessions on a regular weekly basis so that you are fully supported until you are feeling better, through accessing therapy.

Therapy for Anxiety, depression or Panic attacks

Anxiety; depression or panic attacks can be brought on by particular present or past life events such as:-

Relationship breakdown
Relationship issues
Low self esteem
Previous trauma
Sexual abuse
Threat of redundancy or losing your job
Peri-menopause and Menopause
Mid Life Crisis
loss of identity
New relationship
Being alone or feeling alone.

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The counselling room in South Croydon

I provide a cosy, comfortable and relaxed setting for you in South Croydon, where we can start working together to re-create the kind of life you want to be living. Parking is available on my drive, saving you the hassle and time finding a space on the road.

I am down to earth, caring and passionate about helping you feel in a better place. I am here to support you through this difficult stressful time, and with small and sometimes amazingly large steps, have you feeling more like yourself again.

if you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious in a way that is making life difficult to deal with, and want to arrange or discusscounselling with me now then please phone or e-mail me, - just click the link here Contact me. I will be able to offer you a session, usually within a few days of our first contact. For fees please use the link here Fees.

Transport links to access Counselling from Croydon; Sanderstead and South Croydon.

I work in a private and confidential setting base at home in Crunden Rd, South Croydon, CR26H. This is within easy reach of Sanderstead, Purley, Sutton, Selsdon, Wallington and Kenley.

Local train stations are South Croydon and Sanderstead stations ( 15 minutes walk ) and local bus routes from Croydon are No 60; 312; 407 and 466. I am a three minute walk from the nearest bus stop on the Brighton Rd. If travelling by car, you can park on my drive to save you the hassle of finding parking.

If you are feeling anxious, depressed, unable to cope, and are feeling you could benefit from therapy and talking to a counsellor, please do get in touch.