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Counselling on-line and by phone

Are you suffering from low self-esteem, anxiety, panic, or depression ?

I am on-line and available on the phone for therapy sessions.

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Counselling on-line and via phone.

I'm Beccy, an accredited counsellor. Based in Banstead. I offer 1:1 therapy sessions with clients via the internet or phone. Each session lasts for 50 minutes and is accessed via Zoom, or by phone. Please contact me through the contact page in the menu above, and I can then set up sessions to support you on a weekly or ad hoc basis
I work with people who are suffering from low self esteem; anxiety or depression and are feeling overwhelmed and want to do something to change these feelings. I provide counselling so that you can find a happier, fulfilling way forward with a new sense of purpose and a greater sense of self.
When you are experiencing anxiety, or feeling depressed, it can feel overwhelming. You may feel that you have lost control of parts of your life. I am here to talk these feelings through with you and to help you find ways to feel more in control again, even at a time like now where we feel that we have lost a lot of control.

Are you
- Waking up feeling panicked and scared about the future?
- Feeling lonely and lost ?
- Feeling stuck?
- Feeling overwhelmed?
- Feeling you're not good enough?
- Struggling to make decisions?
- Feeling that life is unsafe?
- Looking in the mirror and wondering where 'You' have gone?
- Feeling sad and empty?

- Having to self-isolate alone and finding this difficult.

If you have answered yes to some of these questions, and are looking for online counselling, counselling can give you the opportunity to find a new and happier way forward for yourself.

By exploring your feelings and thoughts with me, things can start to make more sense - a heavy burden may suddenly feel lighter: the grey outlook may change to a real feeling of hope; you may experience a sudden shift from feeling stuck to knowing exactly what you want or need to do and you may sense a real purpose in life and an understanding of who you are.

I'm a bacp qualified and accredited counselling therapist with over twelve years of experience as a counsellor helping distressed clients find calm in their lives. I offer 50 minute counselling sessions, on a weekly or ad-hoc basis.

Are you wondering why you are feeling so awful?

Anxiety; depression or feelings of panic can be brought on by all sorts of situations. For instance, it could be caused by one or some of the events below, but sometimes you may feel you have no idea what has brought these feelings on.

Relationship breakdown
Relationship issues
Low self esteem
Threat of redundancy or losing your job
Imposters syndrome
Mid Life Crisis
loss of identity
New relationship
Being alone or feeling alone.

I offer counselling therapy for all life events such as above, and also for those of you who have absolutely no idea why the anxiety or depression started.

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I am down to earth, caring and passionate about helping you feel in a better place. I am here to support you through this difficult stressful time, working together to help you make small and large steps forward in your world.

if you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious in a way that is making life difficult to deal with, and want to arrange or discuss counselling with me, then please phone or e-mail me, - just click the link here Contact me. Once I have received your e-mail, I will follow up by offering you a free ten minute phone conversation to discuss your needs for counselling and for you to have a chance to find out more about me before making your decision. I offer daytime and evening appointments and am often able to offer a first session within a few days of our first contact. For fees please use the link here Fees.

Face 2 Face counselling

Unfortunately due to Covid-19, I am unable to offer face2face counselling at present. My counselling room is based in Banstead, and is in easy driving distance from Sutton and Epsom. Free parking is available in my road, Just off Park Rd, Banstead.

I will update this page as soon as I am able to offer face2face. In the meantime, if you live in Sutton; Epsom: Banstead and wish to explore on-line or phone counselling for the time being, please drop me an e-mail or give me a call.

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