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Counselling and Supervision in South Croydon/Sanderstead

I’m a Croydon lass in my 50’s. I’ve lived and worked in Croydon for over 30 years and love and embrace our multi cultural cosmopolitan town.

I found, from a young age that I was naturally drawn to wanting to understand people, and how we viewed and saw things in different ways. When I was given the chance to re-train for a new career in my 40’s, I was naturally drawn to a counselling career. Ten years on , being a counsellor in private practice in South Croydon has allowed me a wonderful opportunity to explore and help people living in a diverse town.

I am down to earth, and take my role as a counsellor extremely seriously. But…. I also know how to laugh with you, and share not only sadness but those awesome moments in your life.

I offer a safe comfortable confidential space for you to explore issues that are affecting you in your life. The relationship we build is based upon trust, genuineness and the ability for me to explore your world from your eyes. This then enables me to understand exactly how things are for you, and from that point, we can work together to focus on the areas that you are wanting to change in your life, or the areas that are causing worry and anxiety. I work in a non judgemental way, which means that my own values and beliefs are put aside in order to truly understand and hear yours. I work short term ( up to 6 sessions) or long- term ( open ended) depending on what you decide you need.

So, if you are needing to find some space to talk to someone, or are feeling overwhelmed or anxious in a way that is making life difficult to deal with, then please phone or e-mail me, - just click the link here Contact me. I will be able to offer you a session, usually within a few days of our first contact. For fees please use the link here Fees

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